I was doing my morning updates and e-mail check, when I came across with this statistics from “The Heardable” – an online tool that helps evaluate brands’ effectiveness online – that gathered the 100 most effective Brands online.

The service “The Heardable” provides is very high rated and establishes valid comparisons between the companies and businesses that subscribe to it. But I’m not here to make propaganda for their service, but to share with you an interesting fact that I came across when analyzing the data on the article.

Apart from Fox News (14th place) and CBS News (23rd place), the first half of the list is made of brands that aren’t that well-known apart from their online communities and services. Major brands that have been around for years are underestimating and ignoring the power of online branding: if they’re so popular outside the web, why aren’t they investing on the web where they are loosing ground for newcomers. What better way to engage with your  clients than through social media? What better way to create buzz and build networks?  We live in a world where we can’t ignore the web, the main tool for globalization. Major brands are still neglecting the fact that an online brand strategy is a vital part of the success sustainability equation