So easy to be the black sheep

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Usually people complain (people are always complaining, no big news here) about being the black sheep, the weird one, the different one… you know what? That’s one of the most hypocrite things anyone can say!

Being the black sheep means you’re the special one, you’re unique and no one can take your place. So if anyone comes crying to your shoulder with the “nobody likes me, I’m the weird one” talk, just ignore…

The most difficult thing to face is when you’re just another one in one million: you don’t stand out, you will never be special and unique, you are completely disposable, nobody will even tell that you’re missing. It is one of the most terrible sensations: you feel you’re disappearing inch by inch and that you will never leave any kind of mark, not even a spot in the world’s history, on your country’s history or on anybody’s history… you were nothing…

Why do you think families are so important? Because they are one of the few places were you can for sure leave a mark on the history of your loved ones. And even if you are a completely blank, void and hollow mind, if you have a mom or dad or grandparents or whatever, I’m sure they will love you and miss you unconditionally.

So dear stranger… whenever you feel weird and out of place, just grow out of it and enjoy that blessed feeling… it shows that you mean something…


Traveler’s Survival Kit

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Of course, every world traveler has its own habits and traditions…

When you’re addicted to traveling and when your right foot is always one step outside the door ready to leave, after a while you start developing your own travel instincts and packing is as natural as breathing.

As a ready-to-go adventurer, packing has become completely automatic and the “Shit, I forgot my socks” or “Damn, my necessaire is on the bottom of my pack” started  fading away from my traveler’s life. Just the other day, when leaving to Brussels, I realized that my brain didn’t need any kind of focus to pack: things I will need the last at the bottom, shoes and heavy stuff next, clothes that match with each other in order to make as many outfits as you can with those clothes, etc etc and necessaire always on top of course! No need to say that my brain is programmed for low-cost trips so the motto is “As light as possible, as vital as possible and as versatile as possible”.

Another curious fact that I observed when meeting a lot of young travelers around Europe was that each and everyone of us has their own special pack of can’t-live-without things – the survival kit. Many people always pack food with them, others can’t leave without their mp3, others don’t set foot out without their lucky charm and diary. In my case I never leave the house without: my necessaire completely equipped with all kinds of medicine and pills (you never know when you’re gonna get a terrible nausea, stomachache, violent headache or any kind of simple problem that in a foreign country can turn into a really big problem); a book to help get through those long waiting hours at the airports, trains and bus stations; bottle of water (always thirsty); pencil or pen (to write any urgent thing or just to write) and small purse with my wallet, camera (of course I can’t go without the camera otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to take the picture below), moisturizing lipstick and passport (obviously)!

Taken in Madrid's Barajas Airport - Destination Brussels/ Antwerp

And you stranger? How does your traveler’s survival kit look like?

Tesouros Escondidos

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Porque muitaz vezes descuramos os nossos próprios tesouros nacionais.

Portugal tem tantas maravilhas ainda por explorar e muitas vezes insistimos em procurá-las no estrangeiro.

Hoje durante a minha injecção de informação matinal, deparei-me com este tesouro digno de uma visita.

Está aqui mesmo ao lado à distância de uma horinha e pouco de carro…

As Good As It Gets

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Not the best month of my life, specially the last few weeks…
As a good movie fan, I usually go to the cinema twice a week and today was the perfect day for my weekly fix! I was going to let go of all my problems and stress inside that magical little dark room where I can always relax and think clearly about all of life’s mysteries… Guess what happened?

I was talking on the phone while I was driving (I was talking to my mom about an emergency in the arrangement of my dog’s funeral), when a cop politely asks me to pull over. “This is my lucky day“… I got a beautiful and expensive ticket and the possibility of being forbidden to drive. So, right then I though “Well, I WAS going to get my weekly fix of peace and quiet… not anymore I guess”. And after this “pleasant” third degree encounter with the Police, without any control over my reactions I start crying. Fortunately, it didn’t last long,  my imagination got the best of me, and a memory of a movie just popped into my head, that movie was no other than “As good as it gets“. I love this movie because it basically puts out there every lousy aspect of your life and makes fun of it, slams into you face how ridiculous some situations are, how ironic this life can be and how the only way to get through it is with good humor and a dash of irony… Irony can be a powerful tool!

So what’s the lesson here? Well, no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse! Just kidding, now seriously… I think no matter how bad things are, you always have the power and ability to turning them around and making them better, you can make these things work FOR you and not against you. Through laughter, patience and strength you can turn your problems into lovely stories to tell your kids, free lessons and unique tools to build your own stairs to overcome those apparently colossal walls…

What if this is as good as it gets?” Jack Nicholson as Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets

How to boost you website’s popularity? Just have a laugh…

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Many of you may know The Oatmeal website where you can get your daily fix of fun and sarcasm (personally I get my fix twice a day).

Matthew Inman, the guy behind one of the websites of all time, has recently given an Ignite presentation in Seattle by the title “How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website“. Smart, useful and hilarious advice on how to boost your website’s popularity:

Simply delicious!

Lingerie keeps getting better and better

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Lingerie Ads just keep getting better and better…

One of the few industries that manages to create creative and hilarious commercials with that touch of seduction that we all die for. Seduction is an art and this commercial nails it for sure!

Agent Provocateur – “Love Me Tender” in HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

A Travessia

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Porque a mudança assusta e apoquenta, mas também dá vida…. É a peça crucial da evolução…

Há um tempo em que é preciso abandonar as roupas usadas, que já tem a forma do nosso corpo, e esquecer os nossos caminhos, que nos levam sempre aos mesmos lugares. É o tempo da travessia: e, se não ousarmos fazê-la, teremos ficado, para sempre, à margem de nós mesmos.

Fernando Pessoa

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