Of course, every world traveler has its own habits and traditions…

When you’re addicted to traveling and when your right foot is always one step outside the door ready to leave, after a while you start developing your own travel instincts and packing is as natural as breathing.

As a ready-to-go adventurer, packing has become completely automatic and the “Shit, I forgot my socks” or “Damn, my necessaire is on the bottom of my pack” started  fading away from my traveler’s life. Just the other day, when leaving to Brussels, I realized that my brain didn’t need any kind of focus to pack: things I will need the last at the bottom, shoes and heavy stuff next, clothes that match with each other in order to make as many outfits as you can with those clothes, etc etc and necessaire always on top of course! No need to say that my brain is programmed for low-cost trips so the motto is “As light as possible, as vital as possible and as versatile as possible”.

Another curious fact that I observed when meeting a lot of young travelers around Europe was that each and everyone of us has their own special pack of can’t-live-without things – the survival kit. Many people always pack food with them, others can’t leave without their mp3, others don’t set foot out without their lucky charm and diary. In my case I never leave the house without: my necessaire completely equipped with all kinds of medicine and pills (you never know when you’re gonna get a terrible nausea, stomachache, violent headache or any kind of simple problem that in a foreign country can turn into a really big problem); a book to help get through those long waiting hours at the airports, trains and bus stations; bottle of water (always thirsty); pencil or pen (to write any urgent thing or just to write) and small purse with my wallet, camera (of course I can’t go without the camera otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to take the picture below), moisturizing lipstick and passport (obviously)!

Taken in Madrid's Barajas Airport - Destination Brussels/ Antwerp

And you stranger? How does your traveler’s survival kit look like?