Ever since I got into college I hear people referring to PR as a practice that involves lying and deceiving people… It always seamed really unfair that such an amazing practice could be perceived as the art of lying.

PR is actually the art of communicating with publics. Any kind of public and any kind of message… A good PR professional manages to communicate any message to any public in an effective way and by an effective way I mean in a way that people understand exactly the message we want to convey, no false interpretations. Even if we are dealing with a negative message, a good PR professional will work to communicate that negative message in a way that publics will perceive the truth and understand it or cope with it. We may conceal specific data, but lying and altering fact should be always out of the equation.

Bad PR pros not only manipulate messages, but also the truth, which is basically the recipe for disaster!

It is a really sad truth, but most of this negative image is actually promoted and caused by PR professionals themselves. The outcomes of this? Headlines and articles like this and PR professionals being perceived as the Masters of Deception.