These past few months I’ve been really upset for the lack of attention and respect that companies pay to people (all of them possible customers).

I’ve been sending e-mails to PR companies and to communication agencies in order to find a suitable project for my thesis. I sent my application and CV to 4 companies and only 2 of them answered in a 2 week period. Keep in mind that the e-mails where sent after a previous phone call where they all gave me the contact of the person whom I should e-mail directly. A bit curious I was with this situation, so I managed to contact and send my CV to other 6 agencies (not dream projects, but lets see how it goes) through the same process I applied previously. Result: in a period of 2 months, 3 out of 10 agencies answered my e-mails. A very sad result if you ask me since they are COMMUNICATION agencies and they should know better that no e-mail or solicitation should go unanswered. A simple “We received your e-mail, but unfortunately we will only be able to answer in a few weeks” or “Thank you for your interest. We are glad you have chosen our agency, unfortunately we have no staff to help follow your project” would be great! No… instead they leave the e-mail forgotten in the mail box, no matter how many replies you send asking them politely to give you some feedback. Big NO NO!

Guys, you are working in communication agencies and you should know better than anyone that everyone deserves attention and that no question should go unanswered, risking having unsatisfied possible future customers that will for sure spread a bad word about you. Why is this very bad for your business? well first you never know who is on the other side of the screen and who that person may know (oh yeah, his dad is a major CEO that now thanks to his son unanswered e-mail has a very bad impression of you) and secondly because a bad impression spreads 5 times faster than a good impression.

Just to show you a practical example: a few weeks ago, the page of REVISTA PREMIERE on facebook posted an incorrect information about a movie, a post to which me and other 43 people replied saying “the info is incorrect, the correct info is this one”. Guess what they did? They didn’t erase the post, they didn’t correct the mistake, they didn’t thank their fans for paying attention to that, they didn’t apologize for posting wrong info, they simply ignored their fans who were politely trying to help… Well the direct consequences of this action were less 6 fans 2 days after (all of them previous fans who had replied to that post). 6 fans you may think is not that much, but think about what they may have told other people they know about Revista Premiere? How many of them were thinking of liking the page and now won’t do it for sure? How many of them own a blog like I do?

Some stats I found this morning about unsatisfied customers in America, not directly related but just to give you an inkling:

It doesn’t take a lot of time… you may have a million things to do, but if you just reply and say “Hey, I received your e-mail. Right now I’m loaded with stuff, but I will reply as soon as I can. Regards” believe me you will be saving yourself a big headache in the future and your reputation. Answer… it will only take 2 minutes of your time and it might save you a lot of hours trying to rebuild something that hardly can be rebuilt, TRUST!