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In 1863, for the first time in centuries, a guy named Edouard Manet challenged what it was then known as “Art”. An anti-academist who rattled a cage that was left to rest in peace for too many centuries. Manet would make way for the biggest artistic revolution ever seen: Impressionism, Dadaism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art, and Futurism were the cubs of this first step towards freedom in art.


With his painting Le Déjeneur sur L’Herbe – also known as The Luncheon on the Grass – he caused one of the biggest scandals ever seen in the art world: he represented two characters dressed as bourgeois eating calmly on a meadow close to a naked young lady, the society saw itself represented on the painting with all its flaws and vices, and that, of course, was considered totally inappropriate.

Not only did the painting introduce a whole new thematic, but it also came up with a completely new technique: the painting was compact, without wasted strokes, without flourishes, clean compared to the baroque works that were reproduced to the minimal detail. This single painting opened ground for Impressionism.

With the Impressionism era, artists began to paint according to their feelings and their “impressions” of reality: they weren’t looking for realism, but for emotion and hidden meanings within the strokes. This revolution, freed the next generation of artists, they had found a totally new playground to explore: new perspectives, new meanings, new interpretations, new techniques.

A single painting managed to bore an endless number of art movements; a single man managed to create new horizons for art. Evolution as we know it, is made by Manets: people who rattle cages, people who break through conventions and defy standards, common men and women that dared to be different.


The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo

“Man was created in the image of God”

Believe it or not, you all have the ability to create: your free-will, your creativity, your personality, your mind are powerful tools. You just need to have the guts to put them to work.