Facebook – not just a trend, it’s now crucial for your Business

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Facebook is just a little girls’ pastime” my dear Entrepreneur, if you still have this vision of Facebook, it’s time to change it! Facebook has become not only good for your business but crucial for a successful communication strategy.

This incredible communication machine has moved on from the simple features as stalking your friends or commenting your girlfriend’s photos, to a sophisticated tool with an incredible list of apps that can definitely make a difference on your communication campaign: for starters… Facebook is free as most of the features that you can use to improve the communication of your business, idea, service, product, whatever… Instead of spending thousands of Euros in fancy posters, leaflets or outdoors, you can plan a whole promotion campaign through Facebook and not spending a cent!

I will give you an example of a really successful campaign that happened recently here in Portugal: the Order of Physicians in Portugal elected his chief representative, José Manuel Silva. He won against the other candidates through a promotion campaign exclusively focused on Facebook. They didn’t even handled a leaflet! The candidate’s profile reached more than 2000 followers in just a few days. They even managed to get younger Physicians to vote, something that usually doesn’t happen. This promotion campaign was managed by the communication Agency, “Agenda Setting“. (Portuguese speakers you can read more details here).

This was just a small example of how this sometimes underestimated social network can really make your communication work and just with the basic tools. There is a wide range of new functions that can be implemented on your companie’s Facebook profile: product display windows; galleries; contests, sweepstakes, etc.

Just to give you a small hint, this is a list of 9 awesome apps that can help you in your communication campaign.

So stop judging the book by it’s cover, there is a lot more to Facebook than meets the eye…

Another success story for all those Portuguese entrepreneurs that are taking their first steps onto the Facebook World.


How to boost you website’s popularity? Just have a laugh…

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Many of you may know The Oatmeal website where you can get your daily fix of fun and sarcasm (personally I get my fix twice a day).

Matthew Inman, the guy behind one of the websites of all time, has recently given an Ignite presentation in Seattle by the title “How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website“. Smart, useful and hilarious advice on how to boost your website’s popularity:

Simply delicious!

Linkedin + Behance = Good News for Designers

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Linkedin has announced a partnership with Behance Network – a sort of social network that provides portfolio templates for the members and provides a showcase of portfolios for big companies such as Adobe.

With this partnership besides having your CV published on Linkedin, you can now add your beautiful portfolio to complement your online CV. This is very good news for designers and creatives of all sorts, for one of the biggest challenges when networking in social media is the problem with showcasing portfolios (which basically summarize the quality of your work).

For all you creative Social Media junkies, take a look and start creating your portfolio!

The 100 most effective Brands online

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I was doing my morning updates and e-mail check, when I came across with this statistics from “The Heardable” – an online tool that helps evaluate brands’ effectiveness online – that gathered the 100 most effective Brands online.

The service “The Heardable” provides is very high rated and establishes valid comparisons between the companies and businesses that subscribe to it. But I’m not here to make propaganda for their service, but to share with you an interesting fact that I came across when analyzing the data on the article.

Apart from Fox News (14th place) and CBS News (23rd place), the first half of the list is made of brands that aren’t that well-known apart from their online communities and services. Major brands that have been around for years are underestimating and ignoring the power of online branding: if they’re so popular outside the web, why aren’t they investing on the web where they are loosing ground for newcomers. What better way to engage with your  clients than through social media? What better way to create buzz and build networks?  We live in a world where we can’t ignore the web, the main tool for globalization. Major brands are still neglecting the fact that an online brand strategy is a vital part of the success sustainability equation